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EPSA Knowledge - Transfer Activities

EPSA Knowledge-Transfer Activities in 2014


24 November

Presentation of "Excellence in Public Administrations" during the conference "Fachforum Change", which deals with the reform successes of the City of Mannheim and their modernisation process Change². (EPSA 2011 nominee and city partner of the publication 'In Search of Local Public Management Excellence - Seven Journeys to Success')

6 November 2014

Presentation related to the EPSA spin-off publication "In Search of Local Public Management Excellence. Seven Journeys to Success" at the working meeting "Smart Local Governance - The Challenge of good governance in local administrations" in Bilbao (ES). For more information, see the programme.


Presentation at the Smart Local Governance conference

30 September 2014

Presentation at the Diada de les Telecomunicacions in Barcelona. The Telecommunications Day in Catalonia is one of the most important and representative conferences of several organised ICT Sectors in Catalonia and possibly in all of Spain.

11 September 2014

EPSA knowledge-transfer day organised and hosted by the Austrian Chancellery in Vienna. "Innovate!" Innovation, Wettbewerb und Organisationsgestaltung.  Programme of the event.



22-25 June 2014

Seminar in Finnish Lapland from 23-25 June 2014 to develop European cooperation in the area of wellbeing and civil safety

Based on the success of the EPSA 2013, in which the region of Finnish Lapland was awarded the winner trophy in the Regional Category for the project ‘Development of Well-being and Civil Safety in Municipalities’ (see http://www.epsa2013.eu/files/Lapland.pdf), and thanks to the national and international recognition of this cooperative open network model, the region of Finnish Lapland now wishes to further elaborate and improve this model and to expand it to a European scale.

This event took place in Pyhätunturi (FI) on 23-25 June 2014 and aims to further develop European cooperation in well-being and safety and to create a regional network/project to ensure service provision in sparsely populated regions in this field bringing together fhe four European regions of Aragon (ES), Lapland (FI), The West (IE) and Greater Poland (PL).

Click here to see the agenda of this meeting.

26-27 June 2014

Kick-off meeting of the high-level European ´City Economic and Financial Governance Group (CEFG Group) – A leap towards transparency, accountability and sustainability of public finances’, initiated and powered by the City Council of Barcelona and managed by EIPA; with five larger cities: Barcelona (ES), Dublin (IRL), Hamburg (DE), Milan (IT) and Vienna (AT), most of which are former EPSA awarded cities; presence of the Vice-Mayor of Barcelona for the official ceremony on 26 June, Maastricht (NL). 

This partnership between five larger European cities aims at benchmarking and creating a space for mutual learning in the field of economic and financial governance. The CFOs and finance managers of the five cities will discuss and analyse in four meetings burning issues such as their budget practices, integrated financial management systems, their financial accounting practices in relation to the European Public Sector Accounting Standards (EPSAS) as well as national and European accounting systems to discuss their effects on economic development and growth. This timely initiative is supported through active participation by the European Commission – Eurostat - as it coincides with their efforts to formulate the EPSAS and to apply them EU wide. The benefits of this project lie in the mutual administrative capacity building approach with inputs of real cases and practices from the city level parallel to reflections and discussions around the various topics.

Press Release

Video of the event

Video of the event


EPSA Knowledge-Transfer Activities in 2013

10-11 October 2013

EPSA knowledge-transfer activity during the applied policy seminar on 'Innovation in the Public Sector' organised by the UN Economic Commission for Europe, Geneva, 10-11 October 2013. Read more

17-18 September 2013

Knowledge-transfer seminar on: "Public Management in the 21st Century: Trends, Ideas and Practices", Stiklestad-Trondheim (Norway), 17-18 September 2013. Read more

15/16 April and 22/23 May 2013

Several successful EPSA cases awarded during the 2009 and 2011 editions (either as winner, nominees or Best Practice Certificate recipients) transferred their knowledge in two face-to-face seminars organised by EIPA Barcelona for the Bulgarian Institute of Public Administration (IPA). These projects were: the Norwegian Digital Learning Arena (NDLA), the Italian project e-Marketplace and e-Procurement, the French e-Bourgogne project (winner in EPSA 2009), the Estonian project Tallinn City Services One-Stop-Shop, and the Spanish SITxell project – Integrating Natural Values and Ecosystem benefits into Land Planning.

18 March 2013

EPSA Knowledge Transfer during the 1st Meeting of the Associate Group of the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation, Paris, 18 March 2013, OECD Conference Centre. Agenda of the event. 

5 March 2013

EPSA 2011 Knowledge-transfer Workshop organised jointly by KDZ - Centre for Public Administration Research and EIPA in Vienna on 5 March 2013. The working language of the workshop will be German. Agenda of the meeting (in German)

EPSA Knowledge-Transfer Activities in 2012

28-30 November 2012 
International Seminar on Advanced Regionalisation and Human Capital: Stakes, Challenges and Practices of Excellence, Conference Centers, Ministry of Interior, Rabat, Morocco. Agenda of the seminar.

21-22 November 2012
The Dubai Government Forum for Best Practices 2012.

25-27 June 2012
2012 United Nations Public Service Day, Awards Ceremony and Forum, New York, 25-27 June 2012
The EIPA Expert and EPSA Manager, Alexander Heichlinger, is addressing a high-level public audience and presenting the "Lessons Learned from the European Public Sector Award on Innovative Institutions to Engage Citizens in Public Governance" at the 10th United Nations Public Service Day, Award Ceremony and UNPSA Forum taking place on 25-27 June 2012 at the General Assembly Hall of the UN Headquarters in New York.
Agenda of the meeting 

4-5 June 2012
The first major international EPSA 2011 Knowledge-Transfer Conference took place in Bilbao (ES) on 4-5 June 2012. The title of the Conference was "Cities of Excellence in the Public Sector: The Innovation Front with their New Practices and Formulas". Over 120 persons coming from more than 20 European and non-European countries attended the event during which public sector representatives could share, discuss and learn from the various EPSA Best Practice cases. (Final Conference Programme) (Photo Gallery)

19-20 April 2012
EPSA 2011 knowledge-transfer acitivity in the framework of the 6th ReSPA Annual Conference, Danilovgrad, Montenegro  (Agenda)

26-30 March 2012
EPSA 2011 knowledge-transfer activity organised by EIPA Barcelona in the framework of the Regional Development Manager (RDM) Programme, Module on Regional Development and Competitiveness in Europe, Barcelona (Agenda)
7 March 2012
EPSA 2011 knowledge-transfer activity organised by the Austrian Federal Chancellery, Department for Administrative Innovation, in Vienna (Agenda)

4-5 June 2012
The first major international EPSA 2011 KNOWLEDGE-TRANSFER CONFERENCE took place in Bilbao (ES) on 4-5 June 2012.

The European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) has joined forces with the City of Bilbao to organise this International Knowledge-Transfer Event on "Cities of Excellence in the Public Sector: The Innovation Front with their New Practices and Formulas" in order to present, share, award and inspire the EPSA good practices from local levels across Europe. This event was sponsored by the City of Bilbao and participation was free of charge. 

This international conference attracted more than 120 public officials from 24 countries and European institutions to Bilbao. (Final Conference programme)

(Photo Gallery)

EPSA Knowledge-Transfer Activities in 2011

November 2011
Webinar for UK local authorities "Options for public sector service and budget review", London (UK)

24-25 October 2011
EPSA knowledge-transfer day within the seminar "La eAdministracion: El auge de la Governance virtual", Sevilla (ES) (Programa)

19-20 October 2011
Keynote speeches during the Polish EU Presidency Conference on "Catalysing reforms - ESF support for better governance", Warsaw (PL) (Agenda

October 2011
Publication of peer reviewed article "Trends in Practices: eGovernment solutions from the EPSA 2009 experience" in ePractice.eu

14 September 2011
Keynote speech in the Adm'innov Summit, Paris (FR) 

July 2011
Presentation to visiting Serbian public officials "Managing public finances - The current EU context", Maastricht (NL)

June 2011
Framework contract with Norway (Universities in Trondelag) to provide assistance in the mutual exploitation of the results of EPSA (several deliveries) (NO)

EPSA Knowledge - Transfer Activities in 2010

26 November 2010
Key note speech "Public Excellence: Lessons from EPSA 2009" during the Quality Contest "Excellence" organised by the Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration and the Swiss Society of Administrative Sciences.

Text Presentation

27 - 28 October 2010
First international EPSA knowledge - transfer workshop
...with presentations of the nominees of Leadership & Management for Change and all EPSA 2009 winners...

EIPA organised together with the Sant Cugat City Council the first EPSA knowledge-transfer workshop in combination with Santcugatribuna on "The EU 2020 - What public management model for the next decade" in Sant Cugat (Barcelona) on 27-28 October.
The City council of Sant Cugat was the final winner in the EPSA theme “Leadership & Management for Change”.
This event was open to all interested administrations and its aim was to present, share, award and inspire the EPSA best practices in order to ensure a maximum benefit of lessons learnt across Europe and to contribute to a faster adaptation by other public administrations. 

Information package: English / Spanish

Press release  Press release CAT

Group picture by Localprès

Press Article EN  CAT

Photo Gallery

21 - 23 June 2010
2010 United Nations Public Service Day - Awards Ceremony and Forum, Barcelona (ES) http://www.unpan.org/DPADM


17-18 June 2010

EPSA contributions to the Nordic Research Network meeting on “Public Leadership” in Stiklestad (NO)
PTT presentation (1st Part) 
PPT presentation (2nd Part) by Mr Alexander Heichlinger.

3 June 2010
EPSA contribution to the post-graduate programme on "Govern i Gestió Pública a la Societat de la Informació: e-Govern" organised by the University Pompeu Fabra and the Catalan School of Public Administration. PPT presentation by Mr Alexander Heichlinger.

11 - 12 May 2010
EPSA knowledge-transfer day on "Citizen Involvement" (theme II) within the seminar "La e-Administración: Una administración mas cercana a la ciudadania", organised together with the Basque Institute of Public Administration (IVAP), Vitoria (ES).

April 2010

Presentation to the CESI Conference "Overcoming the crisis - Public service and joint tasks", Valencia (ES)

January / April 2010
Comparative analysis/research assignment of relevant cases for Norwegian municipalities based on the EPSA 2009, under the Nordic Project  "New Public Leadership".



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This book aims to demonstrate that various creative and smart routes to excellent solutions are possible, by analysing success stories in different areas of local public management from seven European cities in the EPSA scheme – Bilbao (ES), Birmingham (UK), Mannheim (DE), Milan (IT), Tallinn (EE), Tampere (FI), and Trondheim (NO). It concludes by presenting seven steps leading to excellence. The only thing left to find out is: are other cities ready to take on the challenge?

In Search of Local Public Management Excellence Seven Journeys to Success

Versión castellana: En busca de la excelencia en la gestión pública local – Siete caminos al éxito

Auf der Suche nach Exzellenz in der Kommunalen Öffentlichen Verwaltung - Sieben Wege zum Erfolg

What kind of ideas are behind the remodelling of the state and public sector, and how have these ideas materialized in practice? In this book the authors illustrate what are the driving forces behind the huge amount of public management reforms over the last three decades. Trends and ideas of public management reforms in practice are validated by data from European Public Sector Award cases (2009 and 2011).

Public Management in the 21st Century

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The EPSA brings together the best, most innovative and efficient performers from the European public sector. Outstanding administrative performances are, after all, produced under different conditions within Europe.

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